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A more efficient school is just a click away.

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Trusted by thousands of school administrators.

Reduce time spent on registration management by as much as 85%

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Streamline registration and eliminate paperwork.

FamilyID replaces the paper packets your school exchanges with families, and saves you time.

Building a customized online form for your sports program is refreshingly simple -- no IT department is needed, no technical background necessary. 


Eliminate the risk of missing signatures and sharing confidential student info with unintended parties. You have 100% control of access to student data.


Parents can complete your online form in minutes. Completed registrations are returned to you automatically -- no more lost forms for you to chase.


A more efficient school is just a click away.

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 Don't rely on slips shoved into student's backpacks ever again!

See a sample form.

Any form can be customized in minutes with FamilyID. Parents enter their information directly in the form. 

See the sample form below. 
No more lost forms or missing parent signatures!

Parents can't submit the form to you unless all the data fields are complete. 
No more missing signatures, data entry or messy paper.

Never worry about a lost form or missing signature.

It's more than online registration, it's peace of mind.

Ease the administrative burden on staff, ensure integrity of student data, reduce risk and improve compliance. 

Scroll down to see a sample form.